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          Internship Program

          Our Summer Internship Program

          Kloeckner is filled with one of the most innovative and advanced problem solvers within the industry. Therefore, we are looking for interns to bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and a whole lot of energy and tech-savviness to make a big impact on the projects that they’ll work on.

          We structured our intern program to really give a broad exposure to Kloeckner. We know that college students may ponder what the future holds and their comfort level in a traditional corporate business environment. While our selected interns may be assigned to one core project throughout the summer, they will actually have opportunities to rotate through one or two business exposure assignments.

          So we worked a lot in advance with the managers to help plan what the work would be for the summer program. What projects did they already have that they could use an intern help for, and how could they think of new projects for those interns?

          Internship Opportunities
          Program Dates

          This is an 8-week program with 1 week at our Corporate office in Roswell, GA for orientation starting every year in June. There will also be 6 professional development trainings.

          Ideal Applicant

          We are looking for full time rising juniors or seniors from all academic backgrounds.

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